Siamo lieti di invitarvi al seminario di Astrofisica Mercoledì 13 marzo, alle ore 16:30.

In presenza in Aula Grassano, online su Teams: Connection

Titolo: Biosignatures and Technosignatures. The Telescopic Search for Life Across Interstellar Distances

Relatore: Prof. Adam Frank (University of Rochester)

ABSTRACT: The 2020 Astronomy Decadal Survey put a "Habitable Worlds Observatory" at the top of the community's projects for the next twenty years. In this talk I will discuss the current state of research and future plans in the search for life via "biosignatures" and "technosignatures". I will review the history of the field and discuss what advances have allowed the ancient question of "are we alone" to finally become one which science might answer.

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