21/05/2024 14:30:00
Seminario Bergemann
Aula Gismondi

TITLE: Reading Physics from Stellar Spectra

SPEAKER: Dr. Maria Bergemann (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Germany)

ABSTRACT: The Milky Way is host to hundreds of billions of stars. Of them, about 10 million, less than 0.01%, have so far been mapped by large-scale spectroscopic surveys. We will soon see major progress in the quantity, quality, and depth of data with next-generation astronomical facilities. In this seminar, I will focus on the frontiers in diagnostic stellar spectroscopy. First, I will summarize the key principles behind physical models that allow us to extract physical parameters of stars from their observed spectra. 3D non-equilibrium models of stellar atmospheres and spectra are poised to become workhorses of astronomy in the next decade. Second, I will show how we overcome another challenge: the innovative combination of the models and complex noisy data. Third, I will demonstrate how new data and new models drive progress in areas that rely on stellar parameters and chemical composition of stars. These include studies of exoplanets, gravitational wave sources, and Galaxy formation. I will close with a personal view of perspectives opening with large facilities of the next decade, such as SDSS-V, 4MOST, and ELT. 

Poster of the event is available at: https://rebrand.ly/JAC-Bergemann-Poster