21/02/2024 14:00:00
PhD Journal Club
Aula Grassano

TODAY Wednesday 21 February 2024 at  2:00 pm (14:00 CET) we will have another PhD Journal Club in 
presence in Aula Grassano and on zoom at the link https://infn-it.zoom.us/j/92432544823?pwd=djNCZldmOFRkUTlkNW5ZeFZ3WjRJQT09#success The two talks (of half an hour each) will be: - Andrea Cipriani "Correlators in Argyres-Douglas Theories" - Adriano Diaz Fattorini "Ovonic threshold switch (OTS) as selector in neuromorphic hardware architectures" After the talks, there will be a short discussion about the PhD program, present and future, with PhD
students and colleauges.