Siamo lieti di informarvi che il giorno mercoledì 22 maggio, alle ore 14:30, si terrà un seminario in Aula Fisica della Materia dal titolo "Heterogeneous heating sources in melting".

Relatore: Paolo Proia

Luogo e Orario: Fisica della Materia, alle ore 14.30

Titolo: Heterogeneous heating sources in melting

Tema: "We used the Lattice Boltzmann Method to simulate melting with natural convection inside a square enclosure heated uniformly from one side. In the course of this study, the heat transfer has been characterized via the time dependence of the Nusselt number and the dynamics of the average melting front position. Furthermore, we studied the effects of heterogeneity in boundary conditions using a source with alternating insulating and conducting patches. We systematically characterized the differences between the two cases using side-by-side comparisons."