Luca Martucci (Università di Padova)

       Wormholes in the axiverse, and the species scale

I will discuss wormhole solutions in large classes
of N=1 effective field theories characterized by the presence
of several, and possibly many, fundamental axions.
In setting the stage, I will propose a new EFT upper bound/estimate
for the species scale. This upper bound will then be used to assess
the consistency of the wormhole solutions. Some low-energy effects
generated by the wormholes will also be discussed.

       Monday 8 April 2024, 14:00–15:00 CET
       AULA U. Grassano, Dept. of Physics, Tor Vergata University

       ZOOM LINK:  https://infn-it.zoom.us/j/92432544823?pwd=djNCZldmOFRkUTlkNW5ZeFZ3WjRJQT09