Monte Mario da Ponte Molle (1909)
Monte Mario in Rome painted in 1909 by my grandfather Fausto Vagnetti. The building is Villa Mellini, later (1935) hosting the Astronomical Observatory of Rome and recently headquarters of INAF. The shape resembling a dome might be a balloon for aerophotogrammetry in the military base nearby.
Biographical notes on the painter Fausto Vagnetti (1876-1954)

Fausto Vagnetti was born in Anghiari (Province of Arezzo) on march 24th, 1876, from Luigi and Maddalena Draghi. After the secondary studies, in 1893, he moved to Rome to the Institute of Fine Arts in via di Ripetta, where he was pupil of Filippo Prosperi and learned Drawing and Painting. During the studies, he worked with Gaetano Koch, Pio Piacentini and other roman architects. He teached in the Institute since 1896 and was Full Professor of Figure Drawing from1912 to 1942. In 1920, he was a founder of the Faculty of Architecture of Rome, where he teached Free Hand Drawing up to 1949. 

He took part in the most important national exhibitions from 1905 to 1948, with single paintings or with groups of paintings, and obtained many prizes and honors. He frescoed part of the dome of Santa Rosa in Viterbo (1917) and a chapel in Palace Pennazzi-Catalani in Porchiano del Monte (1920); he painted three large portraits of the Italian kings for the Government Building in Zara (1922), a large francescan tryptich in San Polo's church near La Verna (1923), the portrait of Pope Pio XII for the church S.Peter and Paul in Rome (1943), the image of S. Francesco of Assisi in the chapel of the Sanatorium Casalsole near Cittą di Castello (1951), an altarpiece representing the Holy Family in a private chapel near Rome (1951). He painted more than 500 works, among which about 200 easel paintings, including portraits, landscapes and still lives, and over 200 landscape pastels, results of free hand researches in the upper Tiber Valley and in the Campagna. More than 20 works are exhibited in public sites in Florence (Uffizi), Rome, Palermo, Bari, Anghiari. 

He had an intense political activity in the Socialist Party. He joined the Masonry since 1909. He held himself apart during the fascist regime. In his last years he was anarchist. He died in Rome, on September 18th, 1954.

An exhibition has been organized in Anghiari, June-September 2004, and then in Rome, October 2004, to celebrate the painter 50 years after his death.  

He left a diary made by several notebooks about painting and autobiographical events, which is stored and accessible at the Archivio diaristico nazionale in Pieve Santo Stefano, where it has been finalist in the competition 2016 of the Premio Pieve Saverio Tutino.
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